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Vyacheslav Rybakov
Vyacheslav Rybakov

Waves H Comp Hybrid Compressor Mac Torrent ~REPACK~

another of the more powerful plugins in the u-he d-selector line, the d-selector plus x is based on their flagship xu-2a pitch-shifter and is designed for professional mixing and mastering with features such as a stereo-sync delay and stereo-miking effects (echo). its a little more powerful than the standard d-selector, providing a gate compressor that can be gated on or off to control the dynamics on individual channels, a stereo peak limiter to compress the peaks and prevent clipping, a variable knee compressor, and a stereo sound-dampening compressor.

Waves H Comp Hybrid Compressor Mac Torrent

yet another of the u-he d-selectors, the d-selector jr is based on the original u-he u-decoder and is designed for younger users and those who dont want to spend much on their d-selector. its a very simple plugin, and despite this you can still get some amazing results. the d-selector jr provides a single band compressor, a phase-detector to control the stereo phase and a compressor bypass that can be used to process individual channels.

the waves h comp hybrid compressor mac torrent is easy to use for the novice, but can be creative and progressive for those who are willing to devote time to learning its controls. for example, you can select the plugin's pre-gain control, which allows you to boost or cut the level of the input signal with the gain knob, or send the signal through the dsp. this allows you to adjust the plugin's processing style to the type of sound you're trying to create.

it offers a number of useful presets for mixing, mastering and mixing/mastering, as well as individual busses. the sound is powerful, and the controls are intuitive. it has some neat dynamics options, including compression and expansion, which are described in more detail below. the buss compressor can also be used as a standalone buss compressor to separate multiple channels to various degrees, and as a master buss compressor.


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