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Research Based & Comprehensive

Children are natural scientists, inventors, and explorers. MI School inquiry-based learning puts their curiosity at the center of every experience.

Whole Child Curriculum

Support for all skills - cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, physical, and approaches to learning - to develop future learners and citizens.






Outside Play

Project & Play Based Learning

Exciting and immersive learning experiences that foster a joyful childhood and develop a foundation for future success.


John Dewey was among the first to suggest that an ideal way for children to learn is by planning their own activities and implementing those plans, thereby providing opportunities for multilevel instruction, cooperative learning, peer support, and individualized learning. Today, many teachers find that project-based learning meets Dewey's  goals. Overall, the project approach is viewed as empowering to children because they are active participants in shaping their own learning. ​ At MI School projects are conducted in a playful way, which children try out ideas, test theories, experiment with symbol systems, explore social relations, take risks and reimagine the world.

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MI School Utilizes Teaching Strategies Gold as its child assessment tool that provides real-time insight into children's development so teachers can use it to inform their lesson planning and teaching.

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