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Vyacheslav Rybakov
Vyacheslav Rybakov

Kenny Lattimore-Timeless Full Album Zip

Kenny Lattimore is as essential a name in the Mississippi Delta blues scene as Robert Johnson. An electricity of charisma and melody, he will take you back to the glory days of the early 50s when the Delta was the source for some of the greatest blues ever recorded. Several of his recordings from the 1960s and 70s have been reissued by Third Man Records and are widely considered by fans and critics alike to be among the greatest music ever recorded in the U.S. Yet Lattimore has steadfastly stayed loyal to the roots of the Delta and the great sounds that were created there. His new album, TIMELESS, features support from Bobby Rush, Robben Ford, Ricky Fataar, B.B. King and many more special guests. The music on TIMELESS takes its roots in the Delta but is still very much a Lattimore show, full of those signature hot horn riffs and his soulful and memorable vocals, which he gets into every bit as fervently as he does on his first new album in nearly a decade.

Kenny Lattimore-Timeless Full Album Zip

In addition to his seminal contributions to the Mississippi Delta, Kenny Lattimore is a legend in his own right. In the past year, he has performed at places like Radio City Music Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. His new album, TIMELESS, will be released on April 28, 2020 on Third Man Records.

Adult Baby - Arise! -Constellation RecordsAdult Baby occupy a singular space in America. Because of their gender and race, they are almost always neglected, yet they are the population that for centuries has created and clung to the iconography of rock and roll and psychedelia. On Arise!, their new album, they are given a platform to both become and be the icons they deserve. On Arise!, Adult Baby s take on the genre is infectious, with a sprawl of guitars and a heady mix of crushing low end. The album is a celebration of the chaos and chaos of rock and roll, with music that feels like it should stretch off the far side of a hill. With songs that would feel at home on guitar heavy shows like the Lou Reed and the Beck are playing live and being supported by the likes of Wilco, John 5, Fatso Jetson and Le Castle Vania, this is Adult Babys first full-length release on their Constellation Records imprint. Arise! is a debut of unbridled indie rock and psychedelic Americana as well as a tribute to something Adult Baby has carried with them for all the time theyve been around.


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