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Vyacheslav Rybakov

How Pinguin Audio Meter 4.5 Pro Can Help You Achieve Better Sound Quality

The beat detector module allows you to select the section that you want to get this read-out from. Simply move the crosshair over the region of interest and the beat detector will track the beats, even when these events are very quiet. An additional interface window opens to analyze the selected section. The resampled audio data is displayed below. Detailed information can be viewed, including: spectrogram, time-line, spectrum, phase and L/R intensities. A click on the symbol in the time-line opens a spectrogram window with the original and resampled data.

pinguin audio meter 4.5 pro

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Loudness Tracker is another innovative tool, with a very simple interface. Once you enter a measurement, the loudness meter appears immediately. If you wish to accumulate a number of measurements without finding it annoying, use the Repeat button. In the repeated events, the loudness meter appends the existing measurement to the total value. By clicking on the entry displayed below, you can access the composition of the repeated event. If you wish to delete the accumulated value, simply click on the delete button above.

Pinguin Audio Meter stands out among other loudness metering tools. It works with the resampling function of your mixer and analyzes the changes in loudness. Moreover, it displays a spectrogram of the analyzed section. This is an indispensable tool for levels-demanding projects.

This is a unique and very easy-to-use multi-channel loudness meter. It can be used to analyze some sections of your multi-channel mix. Simply put the crosshairs over the region of interest and the meter will continuously measure and display the loudness of each channel. The display window will automatically show the spectrogram of the selected channel. Furthermore, a channel selector lets you to analyze individual channels. The channel selector is displayed below.


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