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IGI 2 Covert Strike [Version][GOG]: How to Download and Install the Ultimate Stealth Shooter

IGI 2: Covert Strike is a shooter where you play as David Jones, a British agent that works for G.I.T. (Geotactical Intelligence). Since this is a first-person shooter, it means the player is going to be pretty much in one spot as he or she tries to kill the target. Your objective is to collect the EMP chips scattered throughout the various levels. You won't have a lot of options to get through the mission because you'll have to complete the levels in the sequence that they are set up in. You'll also have to shoot through each level to shoot your way through obstacles and enemies. After collecting the EMP chips, you'll have to go through the central computer and access the files of the thief, which is where the plot starts to unfold.

IGI 2 Covert Strike [Version][GOG] game hack


IGI 2: Covert Strike doesn't have a lot of game modes in terms of multiplayer or difficulty. You can play through the entire campaign mode, which consists of 13 missions, and the campaign is fairly linear. Each mission is fairly short with only a few enemies that you're going to have to take out.

This is a very simplistic and easy-to-use IGI game hack. It has a split screen option that will help you see your opponents locations. All other aspects of the game are completely unobstructed. We removed the menu screen and you will be directly dropped in the game. We also implemented a new HUD system that will let you look at your HP and ammo. It uses the same health and ammo bar as the original game.

This is a game for the fans of the franchise. What I am saying to you is I would have liked to see a better variety of the mission selection. There are only three different locations as missions to complete. This only affects the player as he/she will have to fight for the reason the criminal has planted a bomb. This is also a trade only game. It is good to know that in this game we can see some new characters. Playing IGI 2: Covert Strike on this page will give a little more fun to your gameplay.


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