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Vyacheslav Rybakov
Vyacheslav Rybakov

Esoterika Albert Pike Pdf 39 ((TOP))

The latter section includes the complete texts of A Masons Examination (1723), The Grand Mystery of Free Masons Discovered (1725), Samuel Prichards Masonry Dissected (1730), and Jachin and Boaz (1762). The editors critical notes help the reader follow Pikes dissertation and provide additional documentation.

esoterika albert pike pdf 39

People often ask if there is a moral component in Freemasonry. Albert Pike's texts make it clear that there is and that it is inherent in the rite. The moral instruction in Freemasonry is in a different level than that found in the Bible and in scripture. The Bible is either written or spoken word while the rite must be learned by the Initiate.

Albert Pike Morals and Dogma, Annotated Edition, by Ill. de Hoyos, SRRS, 2010. Over 4,500 notes. Over 60 illustrations. ($51.95 Book.) This is an extensive annotated edition of Morals and Dogma written by Albert Pike. The introduction to this volume is a concise resume of the history of the work and some of the contending philosophies of Freemasonry. Ill. de Hoyos, President of the Supreme Council for the 42nd Degree, has been an active researcher of Freemasonry for over half a century. He not only wrote the introduction and notes, but he contributed a considerable number of illustrations. Most students of Masonry will have seen the illustrations reproduced in The Original Constitutions, Alberts Manual, and in The Ancient Light. But these illustrations were reproduced from earlier editions that are now out of print. Ill. de Hoyos has painstakingly put the illustrations into a splendid image-stitched bound leather cover. The volume does not include the glossary of Masonic terms found in The Ancient Light, but he has added the definition for each one. Also, several of the illustrations have been color-keyed to enhance readability.


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