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Vyacheslav Rybakov
Vyacheslav Rybakov

Jason Walker Echo

I have a different interpretationIn my opinion, the song is about depression Hello Hello anybody out there is jason looking for somebody to share his feelings with.Cause I don't hear a sound alone alone is the feeling that there is no one there and that everyone is ignoring youI don't really know where the world isBut I miss it now is the feeling that you are somehow separated from the rest of the worldIm out on the edgeAnd I'm screaming my namelike a fool at the top of my LungsSometimes when I close I pretend im alright but its never enough is the feeling that you are crying for help but no one is listening and as hard as you try to fake a smile, its not working.The rest of the song just gives you a feeling of being alone and sad when really everyone is trying to help you. Ive been through it all and understand it

Jason Walker Echo

Radar-scope patterns at the time of known tornado occurrences were examined. There seems to be a good correlation between tornadoes and an echo pattern called a LEWP (Line Echo Wave Pattern). Many of these LEWP's were observed without reports of tornadoes or large hail. In about 75 per cent of the confirmed cases of tornadoes, their occurrence could be associated with a line of echoes. Individual echo trajectory convergence predominated in the remainer of cases.


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